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Reflections – Believe, Dream, Inspire …

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Believe, Dream, Inspire ...It’s that time of year! National PTA Reflections Program time! This year’s theme is sure to get your Middle Schooler’s creative juices flowing – Believe, Dream, Inspire … I cannot tell you how much I absolutely LOVE this theme!

The fliers have been hung up at Stevenson, and the applications are fresh off the copy machine; just waiting for a Middle Schooler to stop by the Counselors’ office and ask for one to take home. Come on kids, let the theme take you on an artistic journey!

Reflections2013-14And Wildcat Parents? What can you do?! Please, let your children know about the PTA Reflections Program! It’s such a wonderful experience for them all! Middle Schoolers can stretch their imaginations, participate in something fun, and be recognized for their effort! They can enter in one, two, or all of the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts.

Below are the downloads you need to get your child started today.

13-14 Reflections Student Entry Form (English)   13-14 General Rules (English)   13-14 Reflections Student Entry Form (Spanish)   13-14 General Rules (Spanish)   13-14 Special Artist Division Rules

13-14 Dance Rules   13-14 Film Rules   13-14 Literature Rules   13-14 Music Rules   13-14 Photography Rules   13-14 Visual Arts Rules

Entries are due to the front office by Friday, November 1st, by the end of the school day. No exceptions.

The Believe, Dream, Inspire theme was submitted through the Theme Search Contest
by Julie Lampert of Waverly Park Elementary PTA located in East Rockway, New York.


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